Tuesday, 13 March 2012


 So yesterday I made progress on three projects. I finished making the back for my Charming hearts quilt. I had planned to use more slices of layer cake, but in the end took the lazy option of using a whole piece of figgy fabric. I had to stop there on this project, to wait for a piece of batting.
So then after a quick cuppa I got stuck into the black, white and grey fabrics I showed off back here. (Scroll down a bit). I had three packs of charms and decided that wouldn't be enough, so stopped here to await the arrival of more.
Another pause for lunch and I got stuck into my crochet again.  My batting was delivered late yesterday afternoon, but I had one of those awful sleepless nights last night and I really don't think trying to quilt is such a good idea today.


Diane-crewe said...

it sounds as if a rest and a potter would do you more good x

QuiltSue said...

Seems like you had a busy day yesterday. Sorry you had a bad night though.

Janice said...

You were truly inspired to start on you black and white. Looking good. I'm glad you are taking it a bit easy rather than attempting to quilt - too much concentration needed for that. Take care.