Monday, 20 February 2012

Works in planning and progress.

Not much to report here. The latest and final incarnation of the butterfly fling quilt is still lying where I dumped it, after I un quilted it last week. I will get back to it, I'm just waiting for inspiration. Has anyone seen it? Can you send it this way please. 
My crochet is moving on slowly. I'm still enjoying it and do a little at every opportunity.
 I picked up a knitting magazine a few weeks ago, it had a lovely sweater pattern in it, I hummed and hawed about making one for me....
Then my subscribed knitting magazine arrived in the mail, it too had a lovely sweater pattern. I hummed and hawed some more. They are both really nice patterns and call for the same yarn in similar amounts. So my clicky finger got busy, I found this lovely yarn on SALE!! :-) 
 The light is not being kind today, no matter where I go with my camera the flash goes off. Even right in the big window! I tried very hard to get you a good image of the pretty variegated yarn. This is the best of a bad lot. Anyway, on with the decision. I couldn't decide which sweater I wanted to make, so I asked my Hunney what he thought.
"Nah! Don't like either of 'em love!"
 I'll keep you posted.
I had a dig about in my fabric stash last week while I was looking for backing fabric for the un quilted quilt, I came across these black, white and grey charms. Three packs. 
 There is everything here,all manner of prints, from florals to hearts to chefs check.
I plan to add just a small touch of red.
I have no idea what I'll do today. I do have some me time programmed in before I go to work though. But first I have to do some of the domestic stuff if I want to maintain my Goddess status.


Andrea said...

I have just bought "Knit Today" with a view to knitting a short sleeved cabled jumper. This uses the same wool as you've got so I'm wondering if it's the same one ? And where did you get the wool on sale ? Have a good week xx

Diane-crewe said...

It has been VERY windy recently so may be that is what happened to your inspiration...when it changes around and walms up I am sure it will blow backxx

Jewells said...

Here you are knitting and crocheting and you think you have lost inspiration? NO you haven't! Love the colours of the wool. Men can't visulise what a garment will look like unless they can touch don't just go on his opinion only!..Cheers!