Sunday, 29 April 2012

Can't sleep!

 I woke at 4.30 am and that was that, there was no going back to sleep.
You know me, I just got up and and got busy with my crochet. It's cosy under here.
We're off on our travels later today, and my blanket is going with me, I thought I'd do a quick measure before I go. 25 inches, not bad. It's grown seven inches in six days.
I wonder how much I'll get done while I'm travelling? 
See you in two weeks.


Miss 376 said...

That's good going. Hope you have a lovely break

Ali Honey said...

Me neither!
Hope you have a great time and safe travels.

QuiltSue said...

Have a wonderful time.

Janice said...

Have a wonderful time away. I'm sure you will sneak in a little crochet. Not like me who takes stitching for a nice trip around, but doesn't do any.

Lynda said...

That's the good thing with quilts and crochet - they keep you warm while you're working on them! Have a great holiday!