Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A finish.

I'm pretty much finished with the black, white and red quilt. I have only one column left to sew on and the binding. But I've been lured away by my crochet again. I finished this little blanket last night. It's crib size and will get stashed away in my 'hope to be a granny chest'.
So, that done, it was back to the monster for a few colour repeats, well three actually. I put it aside a few weeks ago because it was very warm and I was melting as I worked on it. I'll see how things go now we've cooled down a little.
Right, I'm off to do some boring housework and see if I can maintain my domestic goddess status. ;-)


AnnieO said...

Sweet little blanket! I like the idea of putting away for hope to be a granny someday:) Good progress on the big project too, well done!

Diane-crewe said...

looking good x

Jenny said...

I'm well past the granny hope chest stage, but I've got a few items tucked away for great grandchildren! My grand-daughters are aged 22 and 17 so who knows - one day!