Thursday 14 June 2012

Making progress.

I had a day off work yesterday and went into full productivity mode. It was wonderful, I achieved soooooo much. :-) 
In the morning I finished layering and quilting the last of the blocks for the Black and White quilt. then spread it out all over the spare bed, it really didn't take too much fiddling before I was happy with the layout. Then it was time for exercise. The swimming pool is closed for annual maintenance, so I went for a walk. I'm informed that it is exactly a mile around our local boating lake, plus there and back, I did a very quick 2 miles. After lunch I got the first column all joined up using  strips of red to sash the pieces. You can see the test strip I did a couple of weeks ago in this picture.
In the evening I sat with my Hunney watching TV, I added some pretty lace appliqué pieces to the runner I made the other night, then tackled the binding.
 Look, it still has wonky corners, I did fiddle it a bit and it is better than when it was just pinned.
Just wish I knew what I had done wrong, or should have done differently.
We're off out tonight for a meal then on to the cinema to watch Prometheus. Time for a quick shower and some fresh clothes. 


Diane-crewe said...

feels good to get some sewing done xx enjoy the film xx Daughter saw it... slept with the light on!! lol x

Jenny said...

Your black and white quilt looks good!

Must ask - we saw a programme on TV the other night about a giant wheel at Laxey - is that anywhere near you?

Janice said...

You've been powering on. The quilt is looking fantastic. I think I can pick out a couple of fabrics.

I think I can see your binding problem. I tried to explain it, but it's kind of hard, so I found a Youtube link that explains it clearly.
The main thing is to have the raw edges make a straight line when you fold it up. I hope that helps for next time.

Lynda said...

How lovely to have such a productive day!

Jewells said...

Don't you feel good when you can actually "see" how much you have achieved in one day!