Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Two steps forward, one step back.

A quick update of my latest project. I'm enjoying working with these colours. I've been working away on this one in between work and clearing away a few more boxes and trying to settle in here.
 With the Christmas tree down and put away I've been able to get on and unpack a few more of our belongings. I've made a little corner for my sewing machine, then promptly covered the table with clutter! LOL 
 The spare bed is still here, but looking much better now that I have cleared most of the clutter and covered it up.
 There are still a couple of boxes to sort out.
It still feels rather cramped and cluttered up here, but we're getting there. 


Diane-crewe said...

making it your own is half the battle x You will hopefully soon feel more settled x

Lynda said...

It's always hard establishing a work space, but you'll get there!