Saturday, 26 January 2013

Working hard

I'm still here, I just don't seem to have much to blog about at the moment. I've been doing a little crochet here and there and the pretty blanket pictured in my last post has grown a little.  What you see in today's image is homework. I'm trying to complete the course I began in September last year, it should have been finished by the end of November, but life got in the way and my tutors have given me time off. Now I just want to get it out of the way, before life gets in the way again. Only one assignment left to complete. :-)
What do you think of the table? At the flat I had two tables which I used for cutting fabrics and often used either the dining table or even the kitchen floor when layering and pinning quilts. That facility is not available here. My beloved husband agreed that I needed something though as the only table we brought with us is not big enough and yes there is a dining table here, but it's down four flights of stairs and if I were to scratch it with anything, severe punishment would follow!! So he purchased this lovely for me, it folds away to almost nothing and seems to be the perfect solution, though to date that is an untested theory as the only thing I've managed to spread out on it is homework. There are still 10 project boxes and two completed quilt tops here waiting for me......

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AnnieO said...

Glad you are able to get back to your coursework after all the intervening drama. Nice workspace! I use one of these folding tables as my cutting table, and have a second one to set up next to it for pinning quilts. And also use them for big family dinners :) Since I leave my cutting table out all the time, I'm considering making some sort of skirt for it to hide all the stuff that seems to pile up under it :)