Saturday, 23 February 2013

One for baby

Not the best of images, I'm sorry. I tried several times to get a good picture of this one, but they all seem to end up wishy washy. This pretty blanket is for my Grandbaby, who is due in June.
I've already started a colourful ripple, it's in another post here somewhere.
DSCF4063 by TonysMRs
I haven't done any sewing, except to sew in the woolly ends of rows! I've been enjoying my crochet too much. 
Mums doing ok, bumbling along. She is looking tired and has had some time off work. I'm really not sure if she should or will be going back in next week. She plans to, but we'll see about that! 
Break time over, I'm off to make her a little lunch then I'm sure I can find something to do later.

Lou xx
DSCF4063, a photo by TonysMRs on Flickr.


AnnieO said...

Very pretty! Not too much longer to wait until that grandbaby comes, no? The year is speeding by. Hope your mum feels better in the next few days.

Jenny said...

A grand-baby! How lovely.
Pleased your Mum is coping well with her health issues. Give her a big Kiwi hug from us.

Jewells said...

...and another glorious rug!
Just love the word "grandbaby"... up until a couple of years ago when I met some Americans, I had never heard that word.. always used "grandchild" or "grandson" or "granddaughter"... I still smile at that "new" word!

Lynda said...

Lucky you to be awaiting a new grandchild. Exciting times!