Saturday 23 February 2013

Whats with Blogger?

I really don't need this!  I pop in to make a quick post, only to find that Blogger won't upload my images from the puter. I have to send them somewhere else first. Huff Puff! Then, I find I've managed to send two images to two blog posts! I don't have time to figure out what I did wrong, so will just manage with what I have. What you see here is my latest creation. A lovely super multi coloured ripple blanket. I t has quite a long way to go. I plan to keep this one for me. A great snuggle blanket for on the sofa.
DSCF4065 by TonysMRs
The other frustrating thing about posting via Flickr is that I can't use my signature either!! Think I may have to set my husband on this and see if he can figure it out for me. Right I'm off to the second image, to blather about that for a while. 

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Jewells said...

This blanket brought back many memories of my Nanna .. she made a few of these blankets with that pattern... the Angels took Nanna over 25 years ago, but her handwork still lives on with my mother, sister, daughter & me.