Thursday, 20 June 2013

Another Navy thing and some sewing.......

There is a little sewing and Grand Daughter related news right at the end of the post I promise!
 Tony and I were away again at the weekend, for another Navy thing. This time it was the Annual Royal Navy Association Conference, which was held this year in Liverpool. We stayed at the Adelphi Hotel in the center of town. Four days and three nights of everything Navy. There was some pomp and ceremony.
The conference itself and of course the evening entertainment all of which was fantastic.
And it wouldn't be Navy without a tot of Rum! 
Well the conference was pretty boring, and too much partying is not good for a girl, so some of us chose to go shopping! I got a few items, a posh frock for the Gala Ball and these! That's about an inch and a half higher than I've worn in a long time. LOL
Of course open toe shoes means painted nails. Tony says my big toes look like Roses chocolate wrappers. 
 It was a wonderful weekend, I met some pals from previous events and made some new pals. I got a very surreal and pleasant surprise on the last evening. A stall popped up selling Navy memorabilia. I wanted one of the items, but it was the last one, so the lady asked if I would like to order one, or I could pay for it and collect it later when they were preparing to leave. I went for the latter option. She asked me my name, which she wrote on the receipt, then an odd look crossed her face and she went to speak to the gentleman with her, she showed him the page, he looked up at me and smiled. When she came back, she asked me " Did you say Lou Heron?" "Yep, that's me".  Then she told me, "My name is Lou Heron too!" Well we got to talking and her husband was for many years called by his second name. Tony! And of course he is ex Navy......
They are lovely people and we spent some time chatting with them. 
Three very late nights, excessive alcohol and two shopping sprees, I was glad to come home and rest. 
I've not been lazy though, the threads I ordered for the shirty quilt had arrived while we were away, so I got stuck right in. It's all quilted and bound. Now it's waiting for me to close the binding.
I also did some work on the 4 inch charms, they are now all sewed into strips of four and await pressing.
I finally get to meet my Grand Baby at the weekend. :-)

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Gillie said...

Wow, Lou, those shoes! Love the toes, he's exactly right. Have a lovely time with the precious girl!