Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Fancy a look around?

Lots of pictures today from yesterdays walk.
I had a couple of tasks to do in town before I got going. This mural is painted in an empty lot in our main shopping street. 
 Magnus and Orry are ancient Kings of Mann they have recently moved out of their home in the town hall and now live near the post office where more people will see them.
My chores completed I set off for my walk. But this colourful sight caught me eye. If you must have scaffolding at least make it decorative. LOL
 I had hoped to walk along the beach, but the tide wasn't low enough yet.
 As children we used to swim in this area.
 Climbing up onto the 'bull rock' to jump off into the water.  
I'm trying to investigate the land slip and I know just the place where I can get a little closer. So I set off up the road.
 Once I cross the electric tram lines.....
 I won't be in Ramsey any more.
But it really is only on the other side of the lines. Hmm, does that make the tram lines no mans land?
 This pretty Fuchsia grows wild in the hedgerows all over the island. 
 As I walked along I could hear a river rushing along below me and peeping over the wall I could see the bridge the trams use to cross the ravine.
 I rounded the corner and took a left turn into the glen on the other side of the ravine. Only to find this! I guess it's something to do with the land slip. I followed the fences and could see the high vis tape at the top of the slip. This whole area has gradually been getting smaller, but I have to say, that is the biggest slip I've seen since I was a child.
 They hadn't closed off the whole glen, the area away from the slip was still accessible, I followed the footpath down into the ravine. I could hear the river again.
 It was really pretty under the trees.
 I was surrounded by wild garlic, the flowers are all finished, but the smell was still there. I should have collected some. Yum.
 Down some very steep steps. 
 The footpath joins the river.
 And we end up on the beach. Where someone is obviously trying to shore up the cliff. 
I couldn't get any closer as the tide still hadn't dropped very far. 
 But I know I can get partway back to town this way.
 I made it and didn't get wet, though there were one or two rather energetic waves.
The ledge runs out halfway back to town, so I set off up this path and rejoined the road.
 I trotted along the prom and remembered another mural.
 Sadly some cars were parked right in front of it, so I couldn't get the whole thing in one shot.
 It's right by our Lifeboat station.
This was the last image I took, the battery on my camera gave up. So no more pictures, shame as there was a film crew on the swing bridge, it would have been fun to catch them in action. I didn't recognize the actor, so he can't be terribly famous.
On the sewing front, I have over a dozen blocks all sewn up, then when I got back from my walk I did the house ironing before getting all distracted and starting another something new! This will be quick though. Pictures of both in my next post.


Margaret said...

I love your walks. Thanks for the pretty photos

Sinta Renee said...

Lovely tour! Thank you!