Sunday, 30 June 2013

I sewed and sewed!

I've had a nasty throat and ear infection these last few days, but that didn't stop me from sewing my little heart out. Look I even finished something. The last time I blogged about this cross stitch was way back in March 2011. Floral Trio was originally intended as a gift for my Mum. It's been a long time in the doing, too long. :-(  I'm glad it is finished, but I'm not sure what will become of it now. I'll keep it safe and maybe frame it one day.
Well a finish means a start right?
 (We won't mention all the other cross stitch projects I have started and stashed away)
Introducing Moonbeam. Isn't she pretty? Not the greatest picture, sorry.
Anyway, here you go, I have already completed an arm and a knee. 
 I'm looking forward to getting back to her later today.
It's not been all cross stitch, I got very creative with some of these fabrics, can't show what though, it's a secret. ;-)
And I made some more string blocks with my Oh Cherry Oh strips. I think I have enough now. I left all the blocks lying like this on the floor upstairs and looked at them as I came a went organizing my cross stitch projects and working away at the secret stuff. 
I had to go up to my play room this morning to use the ironing board and while I was there, I played about with them and I think I came up with a final layout, more on that next time.
Tony is off out later today to carry the Royal Naval Association Ramsey Branch Standard (or a one pal puts it, he's off flag waving) in the Armed Forces Day parade. I had planned to go with him, but I still have the tail end of that throat infection and really don't want to pass it around, so I'll be staying home, sewing.

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QuiltSue said...

Floral Trio is very pretty and I love your cheery Cherry Oh blocks.

Hope you're recovering from your horrid ear and throat infection now.