Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nothing says it better....

Nothing says shift your arse better than the arrival of a baby. Yesterday I quilted! Only the second time since October last year. More about that in a moment, first, here's another picture of my beautiful Grand Daughter.  Dear Daughter tells me that my eyes are not deceiving me and yes, she has red hair! :-) They are both home now and doing well. Tony and I are hoping to visit next weekend. 
 On with the quilting. I've had two tops hanging around for almost a year! They stalled when I procrastinated over quilting them. I did have a go at doing something fancy on the smaller of the two at one point, but really wasn't happy with the result.
 So the other day I ripped it all out and washed out the lines I had drawn on.  In the end I opted for some simple straight lines, kind of in the ditch! 
I added the little raw edge flower because you could see where I had ripped out my previous effort. It wasn't terrible, but I could see it.
Once the binding was on the crib quilt, I turned my attention to the slightly larger one. This one is cot sized. Again I stuck with straight lines, echoing the seam lines.
Simple, quick and easy to do.
And how is this for a fluke, can you see how well that seam is matched up! I couldn't have done better if I tried. LOL
I sat last night and closed the binding on both of them.  They are ready to go. Now we just need to sort out travel.
I enjoyed myself up in my playroom yesterday, maybe I'll wander back up there later today and see what else I can get up to.


Diane-crewe said...

nothing like a BEAUTIFUL bit of inspiration to get the job done xx

Ali Honey said...

She looks delightful! Aren't you lucky getting such an inspiring gift.
I would suggest putting a second flower in the square diagonally opposite that one. That way it won't look like an addition.

Gillie said...

Congratulations, Granny! Do hope it's not too far to visit? Unlike me, sigh. Wyoming, Pittsburgh and DC..... all much too far from Michigan!