Thursday, 27 June 2013

Off on a tangent, again!

You know us crafters, we're easily distracted. And I am certainly no exception! In between making blocks for my latest quilt project I took a side trip off to create something for my lovely husband.
Every time we pack up our bags to trip off someplace, he gets bag envy. Many a time I've caught him eyeing this pretty little number while he is wrapping his shoes in an old T-shirt. This lovely was gifted to me by Janice, I adore it and use it every time we trip off.
Well Tony really doesn't need shoe bags with stilettos on, that really is more my style. But I knew he would love this fabric as soon as I saw it. I whipped up four little bags in a day. Two for his shoes, a smaller one for his polish and brushes and a girly one for me. I popped shoes and polish into his and left them on his shoe tidy I didn't say a word when he got home, I just waited.
 He was tickled pink. He loves black kitty cats and is amazed that I could create them so quickly. Thank you again Janice for your gift and the inspiration.  :-)
So yesterday I went back to working on my quilt project, I had an appointment out of town, so only had a couple of hours, but I made up a few blocks. I'm using a Moda layer cake in the Oh Cherry Oh fabric range. It really is very pretty. Each block is foundation pieced onto a 7.5 inch square with a white fabric always as the center string.
II was inspired by a pattern in this book, (Although I've made my blocks smaller to accommodate the size of my fabrics) but that didn't stop me from playing around with a couple of different lay out options. 
I think though I'll stick with the original idea in the book. I really do like it. I'll be doing more of these blocks today, after I've done the domestic stuff. 
For those interested, I have completed another 18 round granny square for my crochet blanket, that makes 4, so a lot more to go.
Right, I'm off to do the boring stuff, so I can get on and do the fun stuff.


Jewells said...

I know what it is like getting distracted from the one project.. however I tend to only have one of each craft going at the same time... one knitting, one crochet, one patchwork, one embroidery... now which one will I do now?.. LOL!

Gari in AL said...

Looks like you are having a lot of fun over there. Keep it up.

Pascale said...

It reminds me that I have to make similar little bags for my daughter. Yours are lovely.

Janice said...

I'm so pleased that your shoe bag gets to go on hols. Mine will be making a bit of a trip soon too. Tony will be super organised now too.