Monday, 29 July 2013

A boat ride

Maybe it's the heat, but I'm totally uninspired by anything up in my play room at the moment. I keep on going up and fiddling about, but not really doing anything, except tidying! It's immaculate! Everything has been put away. So sad to see it like that. But, I did come across something on the WWW the other day that did get the juices flowing, my clicky finger got busy and now I'm waiting for delivery.
In the meantime, while I wait, life has been busy. On Saturday I attended a friends wedding, she married in her own home in the pretty village of Sulby. It was a beautiful day and the whole house was thrown open, guests were able to wander at will. The ceremony was held in the conservatory and a buffet was laid on later. It was a wonderful day.
On Sunday we had another day out. We took a trip on the Manx Sea Quest. The trip left from the city of Peel, on carnival day. We had no idea the carnival was taking place and sadly we didn't have time to take a closer look, but we did get to see some of it and hear the music from across the bay. There was also a yacht racing event in the bay with about a dozen yachts taking part.
 The trip is billed as a scenic and wild life tour. There were loads of sea birds to be seen and a few seals, but the big starts like basking sharks and dolphins were all camera shy. The wonderful weather we're having is probably to blame for that. The basking sharks in particular will be in cooler water!
 We did enjoy the trip and got many scenic shots.
When we returned to Ramsey we went out for dinner, to an Indian restaurant. Every Sunday they put on a buffet menu and diners are able to sample various dishes. A great way to try out new foods.


Janice said...

You certainly have been making the best of the good weather. It all looks so BLUE! Just keep it there for a couple of more weeks. It's lovely seeing all the places you have been visiting.

Jenny said...

Looks like a fun boat trip. It's always great to see photos from your part of the world.

Sinta Renee said...

Always fun to be on the water... and to seals is an extra plus!