Sunday, 21 July 2013

A day out.

It's too hot to do much more than cross stitch at the moment, so I really don't have much in the way of crafty content recently, so I hope you're happy with pictures from yesterdays day out.
We decided on a whim to visit the Curraghs Wildlife Park. ( More info here.) It's not a huge zoo with amazing and exotic animals, but it is fun and there are loads of ducks!! Ducks everywhere! LOL
I didn't take pictures of ducks though. There are peacocks roaming free throughout the park, one had to be shooed out of the cafe where we stopped for lunch, though most of them had the same idea as this chap, find a shady spot and lie down.
The red panda pair also seemed to be looking for shade.
I always enjoy seeing these little guys.
To get away from the heat and sun for a while we followed the trail into the trees. A boardwalk has been put down through a very wet boggy area. There are regular information boards about the plants and insect life.
When we popped out of the trees we were greeted by a wallaby. There are two colonies of wallabies living wild on the island. Many years ago a group broke out of the park and not all of them were rounded up! They have settled in nicely. The colony living in the park seem to be doing ok too. There were joeys!
The pair of Northern Lynx were feeling the heat and seemed content to sleep off breakfast.
This ones mate was well hidden from cameras.
The fruit bats were fun characters.
They have their own house with this beautiful pool containing some very large koi carp.
Anyone who has watched British TV in the last couple of years will know why Meercats have become so popular! Aleksander Orlov found instant love and fame! Not to mention a long running documentary series about a wild meerkat family and their trails of life.
There were of course many other animals, some who co-operated  and had their picture taken and lots more who didn't. 
When we left the park we headed to the most Northerly point of the island.
The Point of Ayre.
Did you know that the majority of the light houses around Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man were built by the Stevenson family. Father and Grand father of the author Robert Louis Stevenson
The Point of Ayre light is one of them.
My Hunney is off out again today, he is helping a colleague to set up a home network and do some other computery stuff. So I plan to sit and cross stitch. 


QuiltSue said...

I've never heard of red pandas before. Aren't meerkats fun to watch?

vernie said...

Strange how I,ve come to read your blog through a new Zealand quilter friend of mine.She referred me to Romany Quilting New Zealand in there I spotted Manx Girl. We spent our honeymoon there years ago. I,m a Quilter.
from Cheshire.
Happy Quilting

Sinta Renee said...

Nice photos of the wild life! I love red pandas. They are so rare.