Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A finished quilt top!

Here it is. Not a huge top, just big enough for a babys cot. 
I have some plain pink to back it with and at the moment I'm undecided on the binding, more of the pink? Or a scrappy binding, made up from left overs?
 I'm also undecided on the quilting, so it may hang here for a few days.
Once I had completed the quilt top and done a few domestic chores I sat down with my cross stitch. I really am enjoying myself working away on this on. 
 The top image is how it looked when I st down, and this lower image is how she looked when Tony came home. 
I'm really pleased with the amount I got done, her dress is almost complete, then it's onto the moon! 
What to do with myself today......
The weather doesn't look promising, but after three wet days I'm itching to get out for a walk. Hopefully it will stay dry for a while. I would go swimming, but I want to avoid the pool for a few more days yet, following that ear infection.
I'm off to hang out in playroom, to see if something inspires me.

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Janice said...

You certainly have been making the most of your time. I love the quilt, it looks so fresh. Good to see you back doing cross stitch again.