Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Another walk?

Last week I had an appointment in Douglas, so I hopped on the bus with a plan.
I met a lovely lady who was having a tidy up of her stash and had agreed to sell me some small items through a local Facebook trading page. Once our business was done I planned to walk back to my favorite crafty shop here on the island. I used to visit Joans often when I worked in Onchan. It's really not that much of a walk. Quite a short distance and along a very busy road. So plan B was born. Along the way, there is a very pretty glen. Summer Hill glen follows the path of a river, there are lights strung up all along the path and I remember as a child seeing lights in the shape of faries and toadstools, it seemed so magical. No such thing today, though I did see a flamingo, a peacock and a rather overgrown something! They looked pretty tired and totally out of place. I'm sure they used to be part of the lighting along the promenade!
Anyway, I managed to look passed them and enjoyed other aspects of the glen instead. 
 There were a few carvings.
I wonder whose seat this is? 
 It was nice to come down these steps, as a walk the day before had involved a lot of going up!
 There were a few smaller side paths leading off to other areas, but I stuck to the main path.
 It was very cool and green under the trees, there were ferns growing everywhere, no wonder Kiwis feel at home here! LOL
 The path criss crossed the river.
 In places nature had taken her toll, and repairs had been carried out.
Eventually I popped out of the wood into an open area.
I could see the sea again.
 The path led down more steps and through here.
 Another little sheltered garden and more of the sea.
 Eventually you pop out almost on Douglas promenade.
 But I wasn't going down hill anymore, now I had to go up hill!
All the way back up to Onchan, where I visited Joans.
After spending a lot more than I intended, I hopped onto the next bus to come home again. A very pleasant walk indeed.
On the sewing front I've done some more cross stitch, I'll show that off again soon. I also did some more of the secret squirrel stuff and today I plan to turn the Oh Cherry blocks into a quilt top! After I have another tidy up in the play room. Tony treated himself us to a new sound system for the TV etc. Getting it in necessitated a huge move around in the sitting room and a redistribution of furniture. One bit got emptied and taken up, another smaller item was emptied a brought down and now I have a mess up there again!! 
Wish me luck.


Diane-crewe said...

thanks for taking us on your walk .. it always amazes me how with just a bit of effort these magical places can be found xx

Margaret said...

I love your walks! Some of the scenes are just like our bush walks here in New Zealand

Janice said...

I hadn't heard of Summer Hill Glen. We may just have to find it and go for a stroll. It look s lovely........and you also got to visit Joan's. A great day out.