Monday, 15 July 2013

Home again

Well we've experienced Belgium. We were there for four days and five nights. Getting there on Monday was a long haul, being collected in Liverpool before 5am and not reaching our hotel in Ostende  until after 7pm.
On day two we visited Bruges, but sadly lost our camera. So the pictures start late on Tuesday afternoon, once we had found somewhere to replace it, which was in the pretty Dutch town of Sluis, where we saw this beautiful and working windmill.
 Day three found us in the City of Ghent, where we climbed this clock tower.
 It has a golden dragon right at the tip of the spire.
 The current dragon is it's third. Here you see me beside the second one, which used to 'breath fire' during festivals.
 The climb up the tower was broken by several rooms explaining the history of the tower, it was very interesting. Once we reached the top we were able to walk around the tower and look out over the city.
Day four we had free tome in Ostende in the morning, then the afternoon took us to Ypres or Iepers (EEpers) to give it it's Belgian name. There we saw the amazing and very moving Menin gate
We also visited the In Flanders Fields museum at the magnificent Cloth hall. The entire town of Iepers was demolished by the Kaisers men during WW1 and after the war as reparation, the country of Germany had to repair the town back to it's original state, including many of the beautiful medieval halls and buildings.
I hope you enjoyed your short tour of Belgium and the links I have added have were of interest.
We enjoyed the change of scenery, We met some nice folks and had a good time. Tony had a rest which was most important. 
I didn't lift my crochet hook even once! LOL I shouldn't have taken it with me.
We have come home to some amazing weather. It's better here than it was on the Belgian coast! Tony has cooked on the BBQ each night we have been home, I plan to let that continue for as long as possible. 
Right, I'm off out to buy salad ingredients then it's time for a swim.


Janice said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip. Lovely photos.

QuiltSue said...

It looks like a lovely trip and the scenery is great.