Saturday, 14 September 2013

Travelling Companions (Revised)

I'm off on my tour of Eastern Europe tomorrow.  The ferry which is booked to take us off the island has changed our sailing time. There is a storm due, with some wild winds and high seas, so they plan to take us early! Oh good.
Edited to say that our sailing time was changed again, now we leave after the storm and can have the morning at home. Oh yes, and I changed my mind, I'm taking a completely new project with me.

I've been planning what to take along with me. I have a little bag all prepped with a small cross stitch project, but I'm not sure how that will work out, I never tried stitching on a bus before.
So I also have another larger bag all prepped with a crochet project. You know me, I can't crochet on a small scale! LOL
This lovely is coming along. You can't beat the good old Granny. I know I can do this on a bus, I took another giant along last year and did actually do some to it.
I'm not following any particular pattern here, but I did take some inspiration from this blanket. I like the fact that there is no foundation chain. :-)
I joined the squares together as I made them, then made rows along one side. Simple. The blanket in the (Third) link was made in the same way, with rows of smaller squares.
I did ask himself if we would be taking the laptop along with us, but didn't get a response, if we take it, I'll keep you updated, if we don't... I guess I won't.  LOL
Right now, we seem to be in the calm before the storm, so I'm off to do some washing and get it on the line. Then I had better sort out what clothes I'm taking!


Diane-crewe said...

have fun and stay safe xx

Margaret said...

Enjoy your trip.

QuiltSue said...

Have a wonderful trip.

Gillie said...

I've just got home from a trip to Wyoming and Idaho and knitted all the way, not one cross stitch! Glad you had a good time, am commenting backwards, lol!