Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bit o' this, bit o' that.

Look what my beloved found for me. There are some lovely designs in this magazine. Yes, I know it's last years, I am keeping an eye open for this years, but this should inspire me for a while. I especially like the design flashed out by the camera! Didn't notice until now. Doh!
 More secret stitching, but I can show this one here.
Not that there is much to see at the moment.
And Santa finally has two hares, who according to my son are "at it". LOL
 I'm almost at a point where I can start getting some of the back stitch done .
I know some people believe that the back stitch should all be left until all of the cross stitching is completed. The previous owner was obviously one of those. I'm not one of those people. I like to get an area completed and back stitched as I go. That way, once I'm finished, I'm finished. To me it feels like starting all over again, having to cross stitch the design, then go over it again in back stitch. 
No batik update today. I did start the trimming process, but my back was complaining about the height of the table, so I stopped.
Where is everyone? My stats tell me that 20+ people visit my blog almost daily, but hardly any of you stop to comment. Did I put you all off with all this cross stitch? But I know I have stitchy followers!
Sometimes it feels like I'm talking to an empty room. Please stop to say "Hi".
Time to get domestic for an hour, then play.


QuiltSue said...

LOL, I do rather see what your son means!

Gillie said...

I'm here! Re the back stitch, I don't do many designs that require it but quite agree with you. Having just stitched it you can see more clearly where the back stitch should go in a smaller area. A terrible temptation to throw it in the drawer if you were left with all of it to do at the end!

Jewells said...

I love seeing the progress of your cross stitches and your other projects.. I too, sometimes think I am talking to myself on my blog.

Janice said...

Isn't it great when our hubbies are supportive. You'll have fun making little bits and pieces from this one.