Thursday, 9 January 2014

A couple of finishes.

Tomorrow, I'm getting onto a little plane and I'm off to see my beautiful Grand daughter Faith. YIPPIE!
Oh and her mum too. LOL
Also visiting over the weekend will be my baby sister, with her baby.
It will be great to catch up with them.
You may be bored with lots of Nanny photos when I get home.
 With this visit in mind I put my Cross stitch down for a day or two and got on with some crochet projects.
You've seen the pink, yellow and white one before. I started it while Tony and I were in Europe in September. I had thought to make it cot sized, but alas ran out of that pretty yellow and had to change plans. (I was using up left overs, plus a little extra and couldn't find more yellow) So, it's ended up as a good size for a bed runner, or folded in half a great wee pram cover.
I'm sure my DD will put it to good use.
Underneath the pretty girly colours you see the blanket I'm just done making for nephew Jacob.
Again I used up bits and pieces. 
I knew there was no way I could get anything larger then a pram blanket out of these leftovers. So that is what I made. It would be good over a car seat too.
I'm happy to report that the weather has calmed down. Yesterday was bright but very cold. Today we are back to overcast and a little breeze. 
To all those caught in that Arctic blast....Keep warm.
I'm off to crochet.


Kaiy said...

MUM..... she knows


Well.... when I get to 3 she smiles almost in k owing something will happen.....

Cath said...

I really love that pink/yellow blankie. Enjoy the time with your little Faith!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Diane-crewe said...

they need those to keep them warm this weather x love the happy smily face xx who could get tired of a face like that xx

Janice said...

Have a great trip. I'm sure the blankets will be loved.

Angel Blue said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy.

Jewells said...

By the looks of the news, the warm woollies are defineately the "go" over there at the moment!