Sunday, 5 January 2014

Aftermath (Edited)

I'll get back to some crafty content soon I promise.
I had my cross stitch out for a few hours yesterday and today.
Meanwhile, here is a peep at some of the clean up work, following the storm on Friday.
(Pictures in my last post)
This is Queens prom in town. There is a road under that lot!.
 Good thing we had the spare Lifeboat in the harbour, as ours was trapped!
 We didn't sustain too much damage in Ramsey, a few broken windows and mopping up is all that needed to be attended too.
This damage is in Castletown, the old sea wall behind the historic grammar school was wiped out, there was also more damage along the harbour wall. I guess the sea eroded under the old quays and proms. 
Thank you to all who wished us well and told me to stay safe.
I survived the 50-60mph gusts to get good blog shots! LOL
Our house, although very close to the harbour and the river, is just a little bit elevated, so all safe and dry.
The rain has found two entrances though, one above the bath! And the front porch is a bit like a paddling pool!
It was very busy in town today, with people doing the shopping they couldn't do yesterday! LOL
It was also very quiet, not sure if that was the after storm calm, or the calm before the storm...
There is another storm sat out in the Atlantic, it will pounce Sunday/Monday.
Oh Shit!
I'm pleased to say we shouldn't have any more floods. That was caused by the exceptionally high tide. There will however be a lot more rain, some wild winds and a good surge, so some smaller: but still leaping waves.
Another day to stay home a stitch.
Edited to paste this in from the local authorities.
Red Weather Warning - FLOODING: A high tide tomorrow afternoon (14:56 Monday 6th January) along with a significant storm surge is estimated to give a total still water level of 8.1M above chart datum in Douglas, which is only around 0.3M (12inches) lower than observed last Friday. This is expected to give some flooding around the islands harbours and surrounding areas. The areas most vulnerable are Castletown (including Back Hope Street, Hope Street, Milner Terrace, Springfield Terrace, Brewery Wharf, Promenade), Ramsey (including Ramsey Quayside and Parliament Street), Douglas (including the Tongue, Leigh Terrace, and parts of North Quay, by the British Hotel) and Laxey Promenade. Peel (East Quay) and Port St Mary (including back of Lime Street and harbour area) may also be affected.
WINDS: South to Southwesterly winds will increase gale force during Monday morning with a risk of severe gale force in exposed locations. Gusts are likely to reach between 55 and 65mph bringing some damage and disruption. The winds are expected to remain gale force overnight into Tuesday before slowly moderating during Tuesday.
This is the same storm that was battering and snowing on the eastern united states!


Janice said...

What a mess! So much work for everyone to clean it all up. Al has a little fishing boat which is usually moored beside the Glue Pot, just around the corner from the destroyed sea wall. I hope he still has a boat. I hope the life boats didn't have to go out in that to safe anyone.

Margaret said...

What a terrible storm. Pleased to hear you are safe!

QuiltSue said...

Stay in, stay warm and stay stitching! That's my helpful advice on seeing out the storms.