Saturday, 25 January 2014

Full Residential visa approved.

 Joe and I have full approval for our Visa and we have paid our migrant levy. Our passports are currently with the relevant authorities and will be returned to us next week.
We're starting to get more than a little excited. Things are moving along nicely. I've even made a start on some packing!!
We're not going anywhere until mid February at the soonest, so I've been trying to keep myself busy. Over the past few years I've been gathering together scraps of acrylic double knit (8 ply) yarn. Now I'm using them up, as fast as I can.
I did think I would make a couple of smaller blankets to give away. But Tony loves the scrappy look of it and has asked me to make a large blanket which we can keep. :-)
He has even helped
 As each little ball of yarn runs out I ask him to dip into my basket of bits and select the next one.
You really can't see it's true colours here.
All the yarn lengths are different, some colours are repeated and others are not. Where I have larger amounts left in one particular colour, I've broken it down into two or three smaller balls in order to spread the colours out. Though as the rounds get larger and larger I don't feel the need to do that.
Some people turn their work after each round and others prefer to work continually in one direction. I have used both methods on this piece, sometimes turning, sometimes not, just to add to the scrappy nature. 
It has become known as the 'chop suey' blanket.
It's quite cosy, sitting under it in the evenings hooking away.


Cardygirl said...

Exciting times!

Chookyblue...... said...

Lou that is the best news..........not long now you can make all your plans.........

Lorraine said...

Very exciting!!! ..and I love the scrappy rug!!

Gari in AL said...

I am soooooooo happy for you. It has been a long time coming but now right around the corner. And I love your "chop suey" blanket. Great use of leftovers. Does it get cold in NZ?

Jenny said...

Mid February you say? That will soon come around. Better start packing those boxes NOW!!

Diane-crewe said...

YAY xx I am so so pleased for you xx

Cath said...

Congratulations ! Looking forward to reading all about your new adventures . I think you may need another visit to your gorgeous Granddaughter before you go though .xxx

Janice said...

At last! That is the best news ever. You will have a very busy time getting ready and will be in NZ before you know it. How exciting to finally be starting your big adventure.