Monday, 6 January 2014

Crafty Content!!

I've done a little more sewing and playing with my machines, but it's more secret stuff, so sorry, no can show!
I can however show my cross stitch.
Here is Spring Geisha to date. She took a bit of a rest over Christmas and New Year and came out again over the weekend. I've finally made it to the top! Yippie! 
I'm actually working on her upside down at the moment as it's easier. It does feel odd doing that.
As the weather is once again awful, with another storm battering us, I plan to stay home today and stitch. If you want me I'll be under a blanket on the sofa.
Yes another storm, with more high tides and another surge. We are once again expecting flooding here in town, though the experts say it shouldn't be as bad this time. (About a foot lower than last weeks)
That said, I'm sure we are better off than our friends over the wet bit. I'm so glad we don't have the 'Arctic blasts' that the USA is getting at the moment. No thank you. Keep warm over there and that is one weather system you can keep! (Anything that rattles up the Eastern seaboard, usually hops over the Atlantic to use up the last of it's puff here on the British Isles!)
Back to crafty things.
 Many of the cross stitchers and embroiderers in blogland keep a record of their stitches by keeping an ort jar. I've always kept a little jar around when I'm sewing, just to catch the thread ends, and last year when my cross stitch came out again, I just naturally went in search of just the right jar.
And here it is. In this little jar you see evidence of all of the cross stitch projects shown a couple of posts back, though not necessarily in that order! LOL
 Here you see all of those pretty colours spread out, it's quite a lot when you see it like this. 
I know of one stitcher who pops all those threads into a clear bauble along with the date and hangs them on her Christmas tree. I have no such ambitions, but I have now emptied the jar and have started afresh. I may or may not remember to take monthly photos of the jar filling up and may or may not remember to share a photo of my TUSAL....
I'm off to organise the sofa for a day of stitching.


Gillie said...

I am listening to the wind howling outside after 24 hours of falling snow. It's 5am here and the temperature is supposed to be minus 10 F by 7 pm. Is there room on the sofa?

Janice said...

Stay out of that horrid weather. Sitting on the sofa under a blanket stitching is by far the best place to be on days like this.

Gene Black said...

Your Geisha looks great so far. We are experiencing that Artic blast also. We went from 60 F yesterday to 28 F today. (15 C to minus 2 Celsius.) Brrr.