Friday, 31 January 2014

First it rains and then it pours!

The island is bracing itself for more flooding. Another spring tide coupled with another storm front means we're going to get wet again.
If that's not enough bad news, we are also told that there has been a safety alert at Sellafield Nuclear plant!
I'm sure it really is just a precaution and they have everything under control, but you can't help but wonder.
A good day to stay home with my Chop Suey project. It's still growing.
Someone asked me why I call it chop suey. Simple, I was told that Chop suey means odds and ends or left overs!
I have to say, it's lovely and warm sitting under it while it grows. Tony and Joe are enjoying 'helping' me to decide what colour to add next. They have had fun lucky dipping into my basket of yarns, sometimes keeping their eyes tight shut, sometimes being more particular.
Thank you to everyone who commented on our great news in my last post. 
We're so excited.
Yesterday I packed away my play room. My sewing machines are all boxed and ready for their long journey. All my books magazines, project boxes are safely stashed in boxes. My fabric collection is to remain in the drawers it lives in, but I squeezed a few more bits in with it. The room is bare! Just a pile of boxes sat in the middle of the floor. 
I have kept out my current cross stitch project plus a couple of extra kits to keep me busy while everything else takes up to 16 weeks to follow us to NZ!
I plan to pop Chop suey and any remaining yarn into a box and post it to myself at my inlaws home.


Lorraine said...

Stay safe Lou...

Mad about Craft said...

Good luck with everything!! I am looking forward to hearing about your NZ adventures in due course!

Cath said...

Such an amazing adventure you have ahead of you.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Deb said...

Must most definitely make sure that you have plenty of handwork to keep you occupied until your machine arrives Lou. Otherwise you never know you may have to buy something new........