Saturday, 4 January 2014

Storm surge (Picture heavy again)

I did try to organise these images, but I give up!!
The storm that has been lashing Britain also tripped over our little island. Damage from the winds is so far very minimal, the water however is a different story.
With a record breaking spring tide, backed up with swollen rivers and a wind blown storm surge, our island is rather wet at the moment. The police and other services are asking people to stay home and stay warm and dry. Not on your life, the whole island was out with cameras. Some of these images are my own and some are taken from facebook and other public forums.
Hight tide in Ramsey. Almost hip deep.
 Can't believe someone left their car on the prom! Look out for this same car in later shots!
The bridge is closed for repairs at the moment. Good thing really.
See that car again? It's moving.

This is not my home town, this is Castletown harbour wall.
Castletown Quay/riverside.
 Peel, the causeway between Fenella beach and the harbour.
 Mooragh Prom Ramsey. (Harbour end)
 Laxey Prom and harbour!
 Mooragh Prom Ramsey again! 
 Transport options!
 Hope street in Castletown. It used to be called Water Street.......
 LOL Here's that car in the prom again.
 The shops are closed in Parliament Street Ramsey.
 Port Jack hill. That one got a Looooooogn way up!
 Ramsey Quayside.
 Queens prom Ramsey.
 The poor bridge.
 Ramsey Tram station.
 So glad it's not my car!
 Douglas prom, at the tram terminus.
 The 'Ben' is trying to come ashore.
 Wave after wave broke over the sea wall on both of Ramseys proms.
 Not much of a refuge today.
 Port Jack again.
Vollan Crescent, Mooragh prom Ramsey.
The Town is still boarded and bagged as we have another hight tide due at 01.00 ish. Things are predicted to be a little calmer and less damaging by then. I do hope so.
I hope all my family and friends around Britain are warm and dry.
PS, juat saw the weather forecast, there is another storm sitting out over the Atlantic, awaiting it's turn to batter us!


julieQ said...

OH wow, you stay safe dear lady!! That looks scary!!

Diane-crewe said...

try and stay dry and safe xx Cheshire battered but ok xx

Gari in AL said...

Beautiful but one of the downsides of living near the water. Stay safe.

Cardygirl said...

Amazing pics...thank you. Hope you are still warm and dry!

Cath said...

Incredible pictures.....stay warm and safe and in my part of the world which is hitting 41+ degrees today, I will try and stay as cool as I can!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Sinta Renee said...

Oh my gosh! What amazing photos. I hope the storm passes quickly and the damage ends up being a minimum. It looks pretty bad though! Stay safe!

anne bebbington said...

Scary stuff Lou - hope you're managing to stay safe and dry - from what people have been saying looking at the long range forecast January will be a long repeating cycle of this - roll on the Spring is what I say

Janice said...

Holy shit! You sure did cop it. Al sent Mick a text just before I read your email, showing a huge wave at the little pepper pot lighthouse at Castletown, but no explanation. The carpark we use would have been well and truly under water, and Hope Street is the one behind us. Mill Street is a little higher, so our cottage should have been OK. When we were there they were saying how they were expecting record high spring tides and were going to move "The Peggy" so she wouldn't be destroyed. I wonder if they got her moved in time, as her house would have copped it.
Thanks for sharing what you have been through. We're thinking of you and hope the next couple of days are not as destructive.