Tuesday, 21 January 2014

YIPPEE! and Chop Suey

My visa has been agreed, 'in principal.' Waiting now while it gets a second OK, my case worker says ours is a very straight forward case and she expects no issues at all. So soon I'll be getting a bill for my migrant levy.  All being well, Tony, Joe and I should be on a BIG plane this time next month.
So excited. Tony has now finished work and we have begun in earnest to clear the decks and start putting our lives into boxes. We have reps from two carriers coming to see us this week to give quotes for removing our possessions to NZ.
I'll keep you posted.
Still going with using up left overs of yarn. I didn't realise how many bits and pieces of colourful yarn I had, all in double knit. (8 ply). I had fun last night making a start on this bright and very colourful granny.
 Even the tiniest of scraps have been saved and are being included.
Time to do a couple of quick rounds before I go dig out another cupboard.


Ali Honey said...


QuiltSue said...

Exciting but a bit scary too I should think.

Jewells said...

BIG MOVE!.. hope to meet up with you "one day" now that you will be closer.

Andrea said...

Brilliant - the big day will be here before you know it. Best of luck xx