Monday, 10 February 2014

I think he likes it.

Chop Suey is finished and has had a snoozy snuggle test!
He had a big night out last night...
The countdown to my emigration continues. Slowly, too slowly!
10 days until we board that big plane. Only 8 days until the removals guys arrive to start packing us up.


Diane-crewe said...

He-He does he know this picture is here? lol x Time will go all to quickly xx will be waiting to hear all your adventures x

Janice said...

He looks quite settled there. A good place to be after a night out. Those 10 days will whizz past and you'll be on the plane before you know it.

Ali Honey said...

A kiwi asleep under a blanket....not under a rotten log or inside an old tree, but asleep in the daytime all the same.
Your blanket looks very bright and cheerful.
Wishing you a safe journey to NZ.

Deb said...

Suddenly the time will whizz by and you will wonder where it went.
Chop Seuy looks extremely snuggly and being put to great use. A farewell party perhaps the evening before???

QuiltSue said...

Looks like it passed the snoozy snuggle test then?

I bet you can hardly believe the leaving day is almost here now.

Nicky said...

Looks perfect for the job, just right for after a big