Wednesday, 5 February 2014

More Storms.....

What is with Mother Nature at the moment? We are being battered by storm after storm. There are areas of England that have been under water since before Christmas! 
My current corner of the world is shrinking! There have been land slips caused by the storms around many coastal areas of the island. The prom here in town was undermined and is falling away! Other coastal towns have similar damage and one small housing estate found itself VERY close to the cliff overnight!
 The Department of Idiots Infrastructure seems to have no time for anything other that flood control and storm damage control!
And we are not the only ones with weather issues. The USA is having a very cold winter with the Polar blasts. The Aussies seem to be stewing in their own juices!  How I wish I could tow one of these low pressure storms on the back of our big plane in TWO WEEKS!!
The house is feeling strange as more and more items are packed away ready to transport.
On a much prettier note....
Faith, enjoying toast.
My beautiful little grand daughter.


Diane-crewe said...

try and stay safe x fingers crossed that all goes as planned and the weather does not interfere with any thing xx SO excited for you x

AnnieO said...

Oh, she is a doll! Weather seems to be extreme wherever one turns, these days. We sure could use some of that excess of water here in California--so far in the last year we had less than an inch and a half.