Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Crafting down under....

A lot has happened in two weeks! Tony has found and started his new job and Joe has a job and an imminent start too! 
I'm still looking, but Tony has said he is ok with that as we have only been here two weeks and he also said that he is happy that I will be free to get us settled into our new place, we're hoping to be able to collect the keys this time next week! Yippie.
Meanwhile I'm helping out here as much as I can. Lee and Steve have two daughters and they also have a Thai student living with them. With up to 8 people living here, there is quite a bit of laundry, so I've been keeping on top of that for Lee and having a good tidy up each day. Lee is especially loving coming home to a cooked meal, usually she has to tidy, do laundry and cook a meal when she gets in from work! So it's nice to be able to help out. And I do feel very much appreciated. :-)
But that doesn't take up all of my time, I've also been out and about. Last week, while Tony was still around we were shopping for items for our own place. This week I plan to spend a lot of time walking. Yesterday I was out for quite a while, just walking about, exploring and getting to know the neighbourhood. Our little place is about 25 - 30 mins walk from here, at a steady pace, I'm sure I could shorten that if I got A22 into gear!
I've also found time in the evenings for some crafting. I finished this pretty little blanket yesterday. I started it back on the Isle of Man. It's really not very big, just a nice size for a little person to snuggle under, and really shouldn't have taken two and a half weeks, but hey ho!
So what to do next? There is a Sally Army shop just along the road from us here, about 15 mins walk away. I spotted a sewing machine in the window the other day and vowed to investigate. When I got there yesterday I spied two great baskets of reclaimed yarn. :-)
It had all been un knitted and wound into balls for $1 a ball. Well it would be rude not to!
So I purchased a whole bag full and vowed to return when it's nearly all gone. 
 As soon as I got home I cast on for my next big project. A zig zag blanket.
 You start off with a straight chain then add the zigs and zags later, so I had to do a bit of guess work about how long the start chain should be. 
Hopefully it will be a nice size for a queen bed.And hopefully the Sally army will have more balls of dark blokey colours when I go back for more.
Right, time to empty the dish basher and get on with the day!


black bear cabin said...

how exciting...i didnt know you guys moved. ive been soooo overwhelmed with the new job, etc, i havent had much time to keep up in blogland! Hope all is well with you guys...and enjoy! hugs from colorado :)

Janice said...

You certainly have been busy since arriving. It must also feel good to have been a help while staying with Steve and Lee. Enjoy your walk. Have fun exploring your new neighbourhood.

Cath said...

Glad you are settling in ok

QuiltSue said...

Sounds like you're getting yourselves sorted and settled very quickly. I'm sure a great job will come along when the time is right.