Tuesday, 18 March 2014

There and back again!

I promised you a walk in the scenic reserve. Well here it is.
 There are paths through the bush.
 But it was rather wet in there following the rain brought to us by Tropical storm Lusi!! 
 So I opted to stay on the road, yes, you can drive through the scenic reserve too.
 There are ponds everywhere. If you spend even a little time in New Zealand you quickly realise that this place is all about water!
 Which of course means water falls. I often heard them on my walk, but couldn't always see them.
 Those houses on the ridge have a great view! I could also hear lots of birds and crickets. None of them would pose for the camera though.
 Amid the wild places there are perfectly manicured lawns for walking and playing. There are childrens play areas and a duck pond.
 Everywhere were signs of autumn.
 There were many plants that were new to me, and some that were very familiar.
 Even oak trees!
 As I approached the end of my walk, this came floating over my head, but had passed by the time I got home. Good thing as I had 3 loads of washing on the lines!
So there you have it, I walked from there
 All the way along....
 to here, and back again!
I covered about 8km. Not bad huh?
Now then remember I said we were hoping to move into a place at the other end of the reserve? It is just off Church street.
Well that all turned to custard! The previous tenant has left the place in an awful mess, we viewed it with the agent yesterday and changed our minds. It no longer looks anything like the pictures the agent showed us, we refused to accept the keys!
The agent was very understanding and has since showed us two other places, one of which we like. I'll tell you more once we sign up!
My crochet is growing. I'll try to get a picture in the next few days. I went back to the op shop and found more yarn. :-)
It now has some blue. 
Until next time.


Gari in AL said...

Beautiful. How much fun it will be to explore with such beauty surrounding you. Sorry about the house but I know you will have a home soon.

Deb said...

What a beautiful reserve Lou. It looks to be a good length walk too, well done. What a shame about the house. It's terrible how some people have no respect for others property. So pleased you have some others to look at.

QuiltSue said...

What a beautiful walk.

I'm sorry about the house, but these things tend to happen for a reason usually.

Diane-crewe said...

what a wonderful place to walk ... bit different to what you have been used to x what a sham eabout the house ,, you would think the agent would have checked it BEFORE taking anyone to view it x,,.. never mind best to be sure before taking it ..or another property on x