Friday, 28 March 2014

Yarn finds.

I went out in search of Op shops and reclaimed yarn yesterday, and came home with treasure.
The above selection came from the Red Cross shop, lovely browns and some grey marl. Plus one tiny ball of cream.
 In the lower picture you see what I found on my return to the Sally shop along the road here.
Some more lovely grey , more cream and along the bottom of the image, three tiny balls of dark bottle green.
So a couple more colours to add to my growing blanket. I really must take a look at the settings on the camera, everything is coming out all washed up!
I have to say, all of the yarns in this project have come from Op shops, my own yarn stash is currently sailing the high seas, somewhere between the Isle of Man and here in NZ. It is expected to arrive in Christchurch around 4th May.
I've continued with my almost daily walks in the scenic park here on our door step and have to say that I am still enjoying them. There are more leaves falling from the trees each day, there are also more and more toadstools popping up,( I should try to remember to take the camera in again.) There are also still plenty of butterflies around and the weather is still beautifully warm. I'm having to be careful not to overcook myself. Great for drying washing though! 
Till next time.


Jewells said...

Is "reclaimed yarn" a big thing in NZ op-shops?.. they don't do that here in Australia..well not the op-shops I go to, and I go to a LOT of op-shops!

Janice said...

I'm enjoying seeing your lucky dip of yarn.

Diane-crewe said...

good find .. should mix in well with your othet colours x