Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Question for you.....

 My Geisha is growing, but things have slowed again as I navigate all the layers and folds in her kimono.
I find it difficult to spend more than 30 - 40 mins on her.
Chopping and changing threads all the time is frustrating.
There are some larger areas of colour due soon and I'm looking forward to them.
So, onto my question.
If you look at the bottom of the model picture below you can see what is supposed to be water.
See, down here? 
I really don't like it, it looks odd, very odd to me.
I'm tempted to not stitch it.
What do you think?
Will the design look odd without the water?
Shall I leave it off?
I have nothing planned for today, so I think I'll sit and stitch all day!
Maybe I can get that swathe of yellow finished.


Janice said...

I reckon stitch the lady and once she is done decide whether or not the water is needed. I think you will end up leaving it out. I feel a sense of de ja vu here. I was suggesting you leave off a border with your Santa too

QuiltSue said...

I agree the water doesn't work. How about putting her on green grass, with maybe the odd small blob of pink the be cherry blossom petals?

Marilyn said...

I think it would look fine without the water.

Diane-crewe said...

it doesn't really look like water ... its sort of ... as you say ODD .. why would she be sat in water?

Michelle W said...

I think it would look fine without it :) you could always leave it to last, see what she looks like without it and add it then if you like?

Gari in AL said...

One of the neat things about creative crafting is that it's yours and you can do it any way you want to. If it were me, I'd leave the water off.

Jewells said...

I too, would leave the water off!