Thursday, 17 July 2014

We had a play date!

I've known Debbie for a number of years, she is my sister in laws BFF!
Debbie says she was excited to know that I was finally coming to live here in NZ, she knew I was a crafter and was looking forward to getting together with me to have a play.
As soon as she saw my crochet blanket Debs was hooked and wanted to crochet again, she said she hadn't lifted a hook in years. My colourful creations got her going again. :-)
The other night Debs and her family were here at our place for a get together, Debbie brought along a UFO.
A lovely blue and yellow quilt top she had pieced together some years ago. (We won't say how long, but her daughter recently turned 12!!) Debbie had pieced it beautifully, but stalled when it came to quilting it.
Would I help?
I was delighted that she had asked me and advised her to get batting and backing fabric, along with a matching thread.
Debs came back today, with shiny new quilters pins and all the other items on her shopping list.
We pressed all the fabrics and pinned all the layers after Debbie had decided on some nice easy quilting lines.
(I forgot to get a picture of the whole top! Silly me!)
I popped the walking foot onto Jenny Janome and with minimal guidance from me, Debs got stuck in! :-)
She echoed the outlines of her blocks, making that yellow fabric really POP out from the blues.
Then we made a binding and that was attached too.
I have explained about burying the threads into the back of the quilt and how to close up the binding, going carefully to get neat corners.
I even showed Debbie some the my quilt backs, and their labels.
Debbie was delighted to get so much done in a morning and was pleased that it was so easy.
We promised that we would get together again soon.
Debbie had two more UFOs in her bag today and asked advise on finishing them.
She has gone home feeling very pleased with herself, as she should.
And full of plans and inspiration.
And a bag full of magazines, for more inspiration.
I had a lovely day Debbie.
Thank you.


AnnieO said...

Always wonderful to share sewing days! Lucky she found everything she needed to finish her pretty project!

Deb said...

How lucky that you were able to show her the tricks of the trade. Nice to have someone else with the same craft passions to spend time with,.

Janice said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful morning. There is nothing like being shown how to do something rather than trying to muddle along from books and magazines. I can see more play dates on the future. Deb should be very proud of her efforts. She will have to share a photo of the quilt when it is all finished.

QuiltSue said...

Play days like that are always so much fun. It sounds as though you are leading her into all sorts of crafty mischief.

Gari in AL said...

How nice of your SIL to share her BFF with you. I used to love getting together to sew: haven't had someone to do that with for several years now.

Diane-crewe said...

how lovely to have someone to sew with x I am so glad things are coming together with your home and life xx