Monday, 17 November 2014

It's that time......

No, I'm not moving house just yet, that's in another two weeks!
No, this is far more important.
The time to get all of our SSCS packages onto the sleigh has arrived.
This week, all around the world crafters will be heading to the post office with packages made up of carefully and beautifully crafted items. 
Here is mine, all wrapped and ready to go.
But where is it going?
In other news, we went to the Geraldine Arts and Plants show at the weekend. The local quilters always put on a great exhibition. 
Guess who forgot the camera?
I did take some pictures on my phone, but didn't figure out how to get them off there yet!
While we were there, I visited the local quilty shop and bought a couple of end of bolt pieces, they just sort of jumped into my hand!
At the quilt exhibition I picked up some bundles of New Zealand quilter magazine.
I was a little disappointed with them and glad I hadn't paid full price.
They are very glossy and expensive feeling, with lots and lots of pictures and features about exhibitions and individual quilters. Not too much advertising, but only two or three patterns. Not at all what I'm used to with the UK, US and Aussie magazines, where you get loads of patterns and ideas, amid all of the inspiration. I think I'll stick to 'Country Crafts' for now.
Right, time to head out to the post office. 


Jewells said...

I posted my SSCS parcel off today too.

Chookyblue...... said...

glad to see your parcel is ready for the sleigh..........

Maria said...

Ah!!! It was for me... Thank you sew much Lou. Just love my Button Ornie. Must have taken you ages to make. Now the hard part is waiting till Santa Cheryll gives us the nod to open my other gifts.
Thank you, cant wait to see whats inside my beautifully wrapped gifts.