Monday, 10 November 2014

Time is flying

Another week has gone by! Where is the time going?
Once again, I have achieved a lot, but have very little to show!
I found time to do a little more to the secret stuff. I knew I should have done more to it during the year. OK there are certain things you can't do until now, but I could have made a start.
Maybe soon I'll be able to show off some of my stitching, but don't hold your breath, we move house again in 25 days. (That's three moves on one year!!)
I swear I am not moving house ever again. 
So, the house.
It is a long way away from work. By my reckoning just over an hours walk!
How am I going to get to work for 5.15am? (I cannot drive, I never learned).
On my Bumblebee of course.
Last week we went out and bought this cute wee moped.
 Those of you who have known me for a loooooong time, will remember that I used to ride one on the Isle of Man before Tony came along.
I've had to borrow a helmet off my brother in law as a mix up meant that the wrong size was delivered with the bike, but that will be sorted today.
I was out for a ride yesterday. It was fun, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.
There is a new stitching shop here in Timaru!
Half way between work and the new place.
I called in on the day they opened, but I had Tony with me.
I vowed to return alone. I'm looking forward to spending time there as well as dollars! LOL
In other news.
Just over a week ago I got my hair cut.
Not just any hair cut, I had it shaved off with a number 1 comb.
All for charity.
I raised over $700NZ
For Child Cancer Research NZ South Canterbury branch.
I have to say, I love having it this short, It's growing back very quickly though.
DS Joe did not join me! But he did have more hair than me until just a couple of days ago, when he asked me to cut it. He opted for the number 4 comb though. (That is still longer than mine! LOL)
Let me see what else have we been up to?
The land lady is selling the property. 
We felt awful having to tell her that we hoped to leave before the end of our contract, she was feeling awful having to tell us that we couldn't re-sign and stay on after the end of our contract. LOL.
So we're all happy now.
Anyway, that said we are doing our bit to ensure the property looks nice for any prospective buyers. No lazy days, we're keeping the place in tip top shape. Even the garden.
I'm sure I've said it before, we really are not great gardeners, but we have done our best to keep the place looking neat. Out with the mower every week and pulling weeds as soon as we see them.
My spuds are growing well, father in law says to leave them now, no more ridging up, just let them grow, and maybe I'll get to dig some up before we leave.
There are some other potatoes growing in a fallow bed at the other end of the garden, they must have self set last year. Yesterday when I was weeding I pulled one by accident, it was hiding amid some longer weeds. Anyway, there was a little bite size potato on the root!
Maybe, just maybe I will be able to get some potatoes out of this garden before we go!
I have also planted some beans into a trough, no need to leave those behind, I'll just pick up the trough and take it with me. :-)
Right, all the efforts in the garden yesterday means there is mud and grass cutting tracked in through the back door!
And I need to clean the kitchen floor too. I spilled flour!
So I'm off to be domestic.


Janice said...

Busy busy busy!. You chose the right time of year to give your hair to charity. It will be nice and cool for summer...and best of helmet hair when you are riding 'Bublebee".

Mad about Craft said...

So you will be unpacking on Christmas Day then?

It will be lovely to have your own permanent place!

Jeanne said...

I haven't commented for ages, but I'm enjoying reading about your new life. Congratulations on the moped!

QuiltSue said...

So, a new (and forever) home for Christmas then. I bet you can hardly wait to be settled after all the upheavals of the past year. Bumblebee looks cute and fun, as long as there's not too much traffic and fumes around.