Monday, 1 December 2014


In just a few short days, we will be on the move again!!
Hopefully for the last time.
So, my life is once again making it's way into boxes.
The walls of my playroom are bare, all of my pictures are down and packed away ready to move.
 The cupboards are also bare.
 And collections of boxes are lurking in all manner of places.
On Friday morning a BIG van will appear and friends and family will help us to load it all up and then unload it all after a short drive.
You know I'm not excited, I'm so over moving!!
It feels like we only just got settled here, yet here we go again.
I am looking forward though.
I know there is a great new room for all of my stash. Hopefully I'll get to play in there for many years and have many new adventures with my sewing machines. (More about that later).
There is a lovely kitchen and living areas, even an area Tony can call his own. (No, not the garage! LOL)
A garden with which we can do as we please. 
I keep trying to picture what it will be like, with all of our stuff in it.
I must admit, I'm struggling.
But, I will make it my own.
In other news, before I packed up most of my sewing stuff I did do a little more sewing.
I made some pretty pot holders, as Christmas gifts. Then packed them away, before I thought about finding the camera!
One of my machines is still out and able to play, and of course there is fabric to hand, so just maybe I'll get some more made, before that final machine goes back into it's box for that one last move.
I've become a regular at the new sewing shop. The ladies are very friendly and we have established that the new place is across the road and two doors up from one of their homes! 
Friendly neighbours. :-)
Santa and I have been looking at quilting frames.
He has been promising for a looooooong time.
Now, we are actually working on it.
That does excite me.
There is no way there would be room for one here, we made sure to get accurate measurements of the new sewing room up the road. Not quite room for a king-size frame! But a queen is fine with me. I can join two pieces together!
Right, must dash off. Our land lady has decided to sell up. We have our fingers crossed for her and hope she gets a quick sale.
There have been several viewings already and another one this morning.
Lots of interest is a good thing right?
Just means I can't stay home and sew.
So I'm off to window shop for an hour, or maybe I'll go waste time with Sue and Claire at Sandy's sewing shop.
(a blend of Sue and her late husband Andy's names).
Claire will be my neighbour.


AnnieO said...

Moving is never easy but at least this time you won't be renters and can take your time with each room. Glad there's plenty of crafting space and a shop nearby:). Good luck on moving day!

Cardygirl said...

Good luck with the will settle quickly!

QuiltSue said...

The move itself may not be fun, but think of what you're going to gain - sewing room, shop nearby, garden of your own, etc. Lots to look forward to.

Diane-crewe said...

fingers crossed that all goes well ... and that this is the LAST move .. for many years anyway xx

Deb said...

Lou this shift will be worth it though being into your own home. It is a bit exciting really. A new sewing shop, tell us all about it please.
And how exciting about your quilting frame, woohoo.

Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck............see you once you have moved...........