Sunday, 21 December 2014

Preparing for Christmas.

I've picked up plenty of extra shifts over the next few weeks as one of my colleagues has to take time off work following an operation on her knee and another has taken some time off over the holidays. So I'll not have much time to cram in the last minute things and shopping, before the big day.
Now that my SSCS package has arrived, (well it arrived a while ago, but life got in the way) I thought I would show the ornament part of the gift. I sent one of my button ball ornaments to Maria. She blogged about it here. I was delighted to read all of the lovely comments she received about it.
I made and sent one more button ball then started on a third...........
I don't think the recipients of these next two items will be reading my blog over the next few days, so it should be safe to show them here. I made two pairs of pot holders for two special people.

 This is the first time I have tackled binding a round item. There is one little tuck, but I'm sure I'll be forgiven.
The square ones were much easier! LOL
There is a quilted gift bag stashed under the tree and a second one will be appearing later today. I'll try to get a photo of them later in the week.
I may have lots of extra shifts, but I also made sure to take a few odd days off too. Today is one of those days. So, time to sew and pop into town to find a new dress. Something light and summery.
In other news, my giant Christmas gift has arrived, it was smuggled in and wrapped while I was at work one day. It is so big that it comes in two boxes. One for each tree. LOL  Well, one for the blue tree and one to sit on the sitting room floor, cause it's too big to tuck in anywhere.
I should take photos
Time to hang out some laundry, then play with my sewing machine and Christmas fabrics.


Jenny said...

Love the button ball ornament - can you tell us how you make them? Presumably it is a polystyrene ball covered in buttons and pins?

As for your BIG present - that sounds exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what an awesome gift,chooky's swap is so much fun.xx

QuiltSue said...

Your big present is certainly living up to it's name of being, well, BIG.

Janice said...

You certainly have made some lovely gifts this year. Very productive considering all the other things that have been happening. How exciting about the big present beside the tree.

Deb said...

I absolutely love your button balls, what a great idea.
Can't wait to hear all about your big gift, how exciting.
Have a wonderful christmas and may it be filled with much joy and happiness.