Tuesday, 30 December 2014

That BIG gift.

I know many of you are waiting to know just what that great big gift of mine could be, and why it should need sooooo much space in my room.
This is just a half of it!
It is very heavy, Santa had to help me move it.
Counting all the pieces and checking them twice, before he begins construction.
 Uh oh! 
There is one piece missing.
Never mind, he built it anyway!
What you see here is 60 inches of Grace Pinnacle quilting frame.
 That's fine with me, I can practice to my hearts content on smaller pieces.
 By the time I am ready for an upgrade to the larger frame, the missing part will have been here for a looooooong time! LOL
 Here are just a few of the spares! I'll need to find somewhere safe to put them, until we are ready for them.
So staying with the 60 inch version, rather than the 120 means there is still a little room left on that wall and things pretty much remained as they were, however, once it grows......
I see a massive learning curve in my near future.
So, now that cat is out of it's bag, what else did Santa deliver?
Tony has made a habit of purchasing me a lovely Christmas flower arrangement for our table. This year my floral gift came in the form of a bouquet of Christmas lilies. They smell divine.
 When we purchased my little scooter I immediately called it 'The Bumblebee' due to it's lovely yellow colour.
 So a pair of bumblebee stickers came along amid my gifts.
Love it!
I know I took loads more pictures of lots of lovely crafty gifts before I put them all away, but do you think I can find them?
My pen pal Maxine in Australia sent along three lovely little kits for ornaments and wall hangers.
And the lovely Janice sent along a cute wee cheese board and knife.
Some poppy napkins and pins.
And the 2015 Homespun calender.
Which of course will go up here in my room.
Thank you Janice. :-)
I have spread out on the floor behind me, a project that has been awaiting my attentions for a long, long time.
It's been in and out of it's box several times.
It's time it got finished.
Watch this space.
Soon I'll be announcing the name of this room of mine, but I'll wait just a little longer, in case anyone else wants to add their two pennies worth. 
And maybe even get some goodies from me for your efforts.
Back to work...


Chookyblue...... said...

OMG how exciting........

Janice said...

We will know where to find you from now on. You will have the best fun with Santa's gift. Can't wait to see what you create. Your bumble bees are too cute. Everyone will know it is you coming down the road now. I'm glad you enjoyed your gifts. The cheese board is Tasmanian Huon Pine (check out its distinctive smell - so fresh) and the cheese knife is Tasmanian Black Hearted Sassafras. Both timbers only found in Tassie.

Maria said...

Have loads of fun learning to play with your Christmas gift. look forward to seeing what you create..
Cute Bumble Bee.....

Deb said...

How thrilling to get a quilt frame. What fun you will have from now on. What a wonderful christmas day you had.

Raewyn said...

Very exciting - bet you will have a lot of fun with this!!

QuiltSue said...

What a wonderful present. You'll have hours of fun (and hopefully only a very small amount of frustration) with your new toy.