Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Slow progress

Sorry I'm still so quiet, but between work and kitten I really don't have a huge amount to show.
The few moments I do spend in my sewing room are only productive is Belle is not with me.
I seem to spend more time telling her NO! and lifting her down off the frame than I do sewing. I often end up either shutting her out or giving up and finding something else to do.
I do hope she learns soon!
That said......
Block two of a Christmas Story is all ready for the hand stitching. Block one is also still waiting for it's hand work to be completed! I think I may have to shut myself in for that bit, I have visions of her helping with that too!
Maybe over the Easter weekend when other people are around to distract her.
 I'm also making slow progress on my latest scrappy crochet project.
Still no real plan, still making it up as I go!
With help from kitten of course.

1 comment:

AnnieO said...

So glad your free time involves needle and thread! Maybe you need a spray bottle to reinforce rules with the kitten--a little water won't hurt!