Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Everything but.....

 I do try to sew, but someone likes to help!!
I'm not the only one she likes to help!
See daddy, I can do playstation too.
I did manage to get the next blocks for Christmas story all prepared and ready to appliqué.
 But the assistant likes to join me at the sewing machine. Little paws like to try to catch the needle.
The pesky thing keeps going up and down!
Outside things are changing too. The garden progresses.
My winter brassicas are much larger than this now.
It's been a while since I took this photo in preparation for blogging!!
The greenhouse is almost finished too! It is up on the wooden base, (Used as a seat in this photo)
and needs only the two end panels to be finished. :-)
This weekend we are hoping to get it completed.
We did think about getting out into the garden for an hour in the evenings, light and weather permitting, but another project got in the way.
More about that another time.
Pretty much anything with any crafty content has ground to a halt. Even getting Christmas story to the point you see above was an effort. It's not all down to Belle, I think my mojo upped and left!
I do hope it comes back soon.
You could say I've been creative in other ways, what with getting the garden into shape, building the greenhouse and getting my winter vegies in.
I haven't read a single blog in weeks, I don't spend much time on facebook, but I am pinning away on pintrest. A few crafty ideas, but mostly recipes.
Hopefully I'll be back to my normal crafty and gossipy self soon.


Raewyn said...

I do hope your mojo gets up and running again, although there is plenty to keep you busy by the looks of things! I hope little miss is as helpful out in the garden, too :-) Your Christmas Story blocks look great!

shez said...

Hi Loulee wow i love those xmas blocks,they look fantastic and boy having a hot house would be terrific ,enjoy your day my friendxx