Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Not a single stitch!

My plans to sit and stitch went right out of the window yesterday!
Instead I met up with my sister in law Lee and we went off for an 8km walk, before lunch and then she did my nails for me.
Love them, thank you Lee.
I did get the rhubarb sorted and the chillies, before I left.
So not all of my plans were abandoned.
Last night as we prepared dinner Tony and I looked through gardening books and discussed ideas and plans.

Poppies! I love them. A neighbour saved me some of his purple poppy seeds and now I have red poppy seeds.  I shall follow the instructions carefully.
Those of you who have been with me for a while will recognise one of the quilts I made for mum here on my table. I did think I may hang it here in the house somewhere, but it fits the table beautifully, so that is where it will remain.
Mums quilt on mums table. :-)
I promised Janice I would show pictures of Belle helping me here in my wee room!
After she had inspected the tissue box and the pin cushion. (Must move that)
 She helped me to empty the bins!!
This morning, I'm off for another walk with Lee, then today I WILL spend the afternoon stitching!!
What do you have planned?


Cath said...

Hello again! I wish I could say sewing but today I planted pots of bulbs which I will blog about tomorrow at cath@home. I also have a pack of Californian poppies which I can't wait to plant! I wonder what you will get up to next in your garden? I will be coming by again to find out.

Diane-crewe said...

it is always good to have a "helper" in the room xxx I have poppies in my garden that self sow .. so hopefully yours will too x