Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Back to the crafty stuff.

 So over the weekend, Debs and I also got a chance to catch up on each others crafty endeavours.
Debs has been slowly pecking away at her Christmas Story quilt and is almost caught up with me now. I have to say, she does have a much busier time of it than I do, she works 5 full days a week, unlike my three days and still has a young family so is busy with them a lot too, so her crafty time is somewhat less than mine.
That said, it is nice to share a project with her, I don't mind waiting for her to catch up with me.
 She has also been busy with her crochet hook and has made a start on a blanket for one of her daughters. Love the colours in this one. It is done in a V stitch. I did start one in cream, using the same stitch and we had a surprising moment when we realised that without consultation we were doing almost the same thing again!!
My cream version was boring though and I ripped it out!
Then I started this cream and blue version, in a different pattern.
I'm enjoying this pattern much more, as well as the colour changes there is more to do during the row, keeping it a little less boring.
My culinary endeavour today is nothing fancy.
A simple vegetable soup.
I just hoovered up all the left over veg from the bottom of the fridge and after a few minutes of chopping I plonked it all in a pan with some water.
Once I'm done here I'm off to stir it, then maybe it will be time to add the parsley.
I find that soups, especially veg soups don't look right without 'bits' floating about in them,
Maybe, just maybe, I'll get the borders onto the fruit 'n' veg quilt this afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

hi Loulee,wow love those blocks and both the crochet blankets are looking fantastic,nothing better than homemade soup xx