Monday, 1 February 2016

Oh no!

 I ran out of thread!
How frustrating.
I have only four and a bit letters to go, and I ran out of thread.
I'm struggling to find it here in NZ.
A lady who lives here in town has recently stitched this same design and has promised to have a look and see if she has any of this colour left. (It's a hand dyed colour.) Otherwise, I'll have to wait for more to arrive from the US.
Meanwhile the roses I showed last time, have barely moved! LOL
I'll get back to them later today and hopefully have some progress to show soon.
I haven't really had a huge amount of time for the fun stuff this week. I've had  quite a few chores to do between work shifts and we had a very nice day yesterday, so we were out in the garden, trying to catch up. I had a big tidy up in the green house and brought in loads of tomatoes. There is no way we can keep up, trying to eat them now, so yesterday I made a big batch of pasta sauce and froze it. When I'm ready to use it, I just need to use it like the jars and tins we get at the shops.
The leeks are coming along nicely and the spring onions are as big as the leeks!
There are lots of baby pumpkins. Some capsicum in red, green and banana yellow varieties. Some chilli peppers and cucumbers and my sweetcorn is on it's way too. 
At dinner last night I was able to serve up homegrown silver beet, green beans and broccoli.
Well, if I want time for stitching later I have to go do the boring stuff now.

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Janice said...

Blast!!! Don't you hate that! I hope you can find some soon. It sounds like your vege garden is being rather productive. Enjoy. There is nothing like veges fresh from the garden.