Monday, 25 January 2016

Ta, Daaaa!

Sleeping Beauty
Is finished
I started her on 29th August 2014 and finished her yesterday on 24th January 2016.
Phew! That took a while. But to be fair, I have worked on other projects in that time and had a life too!
So, as celebration for a finish, I get a new start!
 Tea Roses was adopted.
I had a good look at what the previous stitcher had done, about a quarter of the project, and I decided to start again.
After close inspection under my daylight lamp I could see that some of the threads were mixed up and in the wrong places.
 I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are enough left, especially of the greens, to complete the design. As the threads I have in my collection are somewhat different. Due to dye lots I guess.
The fabric I'm working on is a piece I brought with me from GB. I've had it stashed for a long time, probably about 10 years. LOL
It's a bit wishy washy in these images, I promise you, it's very pretty and perfect for a flower/garden picture.


Chookyblue...... said...

well done Lou....she has been coming together for some time but well done she is now complete.........

Ali Honey said...

Great finish Lou. She looks very pleased with herself lying back there.

Deb said...

Lou, sleeping beauty is gorgeous. Can't wait to see her all glammed up in her frame.

Janice said...

She is lovely. So pleased to see her finished. Now you will have to decide on a frame and find a new framer in NZ. Your roses should be a much quicker project.