Wednesday, 6 April 2016

I solemnly promise...

That one day soon, I'll have time to do some more of the crafty stuff!
And blog about it.
 Meanwhile, here are some more pictures of produce from our garden.

 And preserving.
 Black boy peaches.
Something new to me.
I had a little time, between stirring pans and bottling pickles and thought I would bury some threads!
No chance. Belle can confirm that it is a very cosy wee blanket.
When I came back a little later, she was on top of it!
Must have over heated. 
 She even likes to help Tony.
Recently he did a rewiring job in the back of the TV, she got up and inspected all his work too.
Gotta go.
Busy, busy day planned.


Ali Honey said...

You have discovered what it is to be a gardener and live in NZ. It does seem a lot of work, but aren't we lucky to grow all that fresh lovely food.

Isn't the back of the TV or computers, printers etc a ghastly place. Ours is always messy and dusty. We have wireless connections- yeah right!

Cath said...

such a lot of lovely produce....looks like your veggie patch was a great success!

Jenny said...

Haven't you been busy with preserving! There's nothing nicer than "home made" I always think. I've done a couple of big pans of tomato soup, which is now in containers and in the freezer. The next job is to buy some Omega plums and make jam.

Janice said...

I'm sure your preserving will finish before long as the weather cools down. Then you will literally be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I bet Belle was a fine help for Tony.