Monday, 2 May 2016

Do I need another blog?

Recently I've been considering whether or not to start a second blog.
This is supposed to be a blog about my crafting exploits and so far this year, it's been dominated by our gardening exploits!
What do you think, should I continue with things as they are, or have a separate gardening blog?
Work continues in the great outdoors.
And finally we are ready to begin replanting.
As the property slopes away toward the rear boundary we decided to put in a low retaining wall, in an effort to keep the earth where we want it. Nothing too fancy as, if things go according to plan, we won't be able to see it anyway.
 It stretches along the Northern half of the rear boundary fence as far as our green house.
Over the last two weekends we have begun replanting. What a wonderful feeling after all the chopping down and digging up. 
We've put in agapanthus all along the new back edge and I'll slowly add more plants as I rescue them from elsewhere or purchase new. I already rescued primula from another area of the garden, they were moved to the front and have been moved again to their forever home under the cherry tree. Some peony and alstroemera have also found their way into there too and quite a few bulbs.
Of course all that activity is too much for the overseer and she had to go for a lie down!
The green house was stripped out a couple of weeks ago and I was amazed at how much was left in there.
I stripped the green tomatoes and the chilli plants.
The chilli I have cut back and wrapped in frost cloth, hoping they will survive the winter. Something I didn't know was possible! We came across the idea on the WWW and thought we would give it a go.
The chilli I harvested have been frozen or preserved. 
The green tomatoes went into a pan with some red onions and apples.
They stewed for a while, with sugar and vinegar.
 And became 9 big jars of chutney.
 Belle takes her job as cosiness tester very seriously.
It's very difficult to crochet when the cat is on the project.
Even when she is under it.
She gives me such looks when it's time to turn and go back the other way!


Ali Honey said...

I enjoy your current blog just the way it is. Most of us do multiple activities. I am equally as interested in your garden and craft, but also like reading about peoples' outings, holidays and local events.
I will keep following whatever you decide.

Anonymous said...

good morning Loulee,i think that is a great idea having the two blogs,i love homegrown fresh veggies,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Cath said...

Just so you know....I created a separate blog to document what it is like to live on our farm in Tasmania....some people said it was a good idea...some people said "why would you do that, it is so much work" but I felt the two should be kept separate but don't assume your followers will automatically follow you across...I have had to work hard to find people to follow my new blog but now I have found my niche....Cath@Home is really about the photography and I add the stories to them rather than the other way around... I link up with heaps of linky parties and have a few link parties of my own...some successful and some not so much! I don't think I have more than 60 followers but I get heaps of people visiting and leaving comments so I know I am not talking to myself....If you can accept all these possibilities, then go ahead...give it a go...I certainly don't regret the decision.

Diane-crewe said...

gardening is just as much a craft as sewing/knitting/crochet... and it has been fun to see you settling in and making a home .. with supervision of course xx

Wendy Kemp said...

Hi Loulee, I've been reading your blog for a few years now and have followed your journey from living on a different island, getting married, your biiig move to settling in on another island. It's a homely, productive, inspiring, continuous blog. Please don't split it up. I look forward to watching your future unfold.

Chookyblue...... said...

I'm with Ali...... Just keep it here... I am happy to see your gardening if your not sewing.......

Janice said...

You've continued to be busy on the home front. I like you blog the way it is, craft gardening, cooking, crochet. It all goes together to be your life, which evolves, as they do. Whatever you decide, I'll be tagging along.

Jenny said...

Please keep it the way it is. A craft blog with a little cooking, gardening, new house, etc is fine, and fun to read. It's all about your life and interests and I'm sure your readers love it just as it is.

In saying that, although Romany Quilting is my quilting, cooking, quilt shows, homely, blog with a little of our lives added in, I do write a second blog too. Romany Rambler is about our caravan travels close to home and around our wonderful country New Zealand, caravan club rallies, and outings to places of interest. Occasionaly there is a little cross over, but I feel that our caravan readers would not be particularly interested in reading about my quilting projects.

Some people do read both blogs, I've found, while others read one or the other.


Dee said...

your blog is 'living and crafting' so in that description it covers craft and your life