Saturday, 14 May 2016

More garden doings.

Tony has been working hard in the garden the last couple of weeks. I didn't get a true before picture.
But on the first image, you get an idea, that flattened earth by the green house door was just that, earth and crusher dust and lots of weeds. Tony worked hard to get rid of the weeds and level it all off.
He did a great job.
 This week after watching a 'how to' on you tube he laid the paving.
The grey pavers we have collected together, they were lying about the property, the previous owners must have had a few too many.
We couldn't get more grey, but did find the lovely orange/red ones in the garden centre.
On special as they are end of line!
While Tony was working, the wind was getting up and this tree tested his patience. 
 As fast as he was removing leaves from the prepared surface, more were blowing in!
Cute pattern though.
As the edge between the lawn and the base of the green house is not only much slimmer than a single paving stone and also narrows to one end, we have opted to line the ditch with some weed suppressing membrane and pile cobble stones in there. We'll do the same along the other side too.
At the other end of the green house (Sorry forgot to take a picture) We need to do some more work, before we pave it and put in a water collector.
Gotta go, house filling with guests.

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Diane-crewe said...

isn't YouTube wonderful ... you can learn to do just about ANYTHING!... and he did a great job too x..despite the tree wanting to join in lol