Saturday, 23 July 2016


On Wednesday I found some time to sit and sew. I completed block 4.
Love the colours in this block.
Today I completed blocks five
And six.
Even though my helper insisted on sitting on my pressing pad.
I kept picking her up and shooing her off.
Eventually after many trips around the room and several attempts to sneak back onto the pad, she took the hint and settled into the cat bed, strategically placed where a certain quilt was abandoned, er sitting awaiting my attention.
I've moved the quilt, because finally it is time I buried the threads and prepared it for some more quilting.
There are a lot of threads, this may take some time....
And finally, a picture of my button jar.
I had my buttons in a pretty tin, but it was getting rather full and since I acquired Tony's grandmothers button tin, I decided it was time to show off my pretty collection.
I have to say, Grandmas tin is rather rusty and battered, but has many fond memories for Tony, so after decanting the buttons, I popped it into his playroom. I'm sure he will find a use for it.
Even if it's just to jog sentimental memories.
I have to say that Grandma is alive and well, but at well into her 90s  just a bit beyond sewing on buttons.
I'm off to bury more thread.


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee,your blocks are amazing,love the colours xx

Jenny said...

Its great to get an old button collection, isn't it. When Robin's Mum passed away and we were sorting out the house, I pounced on her button bag, bought a nice big glass jar and tipped them all in. After I added my own rather small collection too.

Julia said...

Hi Loulee, I didn't know you had moved to NZ, so sorry I've been so slack at keeping up with my blog reading.
Your blocks are lovely, My grandies loved my button jar too

Raewyn said...

Very pretty blocks, it's always a nice feeling to make some progress! It sounds like it has been good sewing weather down your way.